Why This Kolaveri Di – Case Study

It has been seen by everyone… Yes.. you too!

It has been trending in Twitter

It has been tweeted by many including Amitabh Bachchan, karan Johar, Your friends and you!!

Amul Butter made a ad based on it.

It has got several versions here, here and here.

A song by a non-singer has been leveraged by Singers also… Sonu Nigam (find it here)

This song has been picked up by IIM biggies to include as Viral Marketing case Study

2,10,000 music downloads within 18 days

Its officially India’s Biggest Viral campaign. Ever, with 23 Mn YouTube Views. 800,000 FB Shares. 12 Mn Twitter Impressions and 2,10,000 downloads within 18 days!!

How did it all happen??


Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape – Youtube Viral!!!

Ahh!! Sex tape!! of Jen Aniston!!! ……

Wait Wait Wait!! Its all about the new Viral campaign (Advertising Agency: Kraftworks, New York, USA) of Smart Water. The 3 minute video has Jennifer Aniston (spokesperson of Smart Water for a long time) talking about the elements to add to the video to make it Viral.

She says  – “I’m here to talk to you about Smart Water, But in this day and age, I can’t just do that, can I?

So she takes help of 3 Internet Boys and the elements to make video Viral. Puppies, a parrot, dancing CGI babies and a Double Rainbow guy clone. Also kicking a fan in private parts by saying – “Sorry, but that should be worth about 100,000 hits”!!!

Finally, Aniston suggestively drinks from a Smart Water bottle, getting her three “Internet boys” hot and heavy. The punchline? They decide to call the would-be viral video “Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape.”

It already has 6,775,172 hits in just 5 days!! Heres the video:

Website on Youtube

Any company’s first step in online presence would be a website. Brands & Companies have used Youtube for their promotions. they create Channels (in Partnership too), upload videos and share with the world.

But an Advertisng agency, BooneOakley, has adopted a unique way. They have created a Video and uplaoded on Youtube. You would probably thing, how do they link to portfolio, contacts etc? Thay have made them clickable within the video. By using the Youtube annotations they have created Links to other videos describing them.  Have a look:

Pretty cool Eh??  In first thought it looks cool idea to have such a website. After around 2 days of uploading It has already got 68,000+ visits & around 89 comments, All Thumbs Up!!!

It features a crap video but whats really good about the site (or Video) is that, its open to sharing, embedding, and commenting. It can be seen on all the platforms which support youtube videos. It certainly has a viral effect. A great website for an agency!!!

Brand DNA says: If I was a client I’d definitely be interested in talking to them. … 🙂

You can view BooneOakley video here

It Surely seems a success. But it can Kick Back too. If you remember, earlier such kind of activity was carried out by Skittles too. Thay had Made the twitter page as their homepage.

Once called as a great Social media practice by some Social Media Gurus, was a Social Media Failure.

ZDNet describes Skittles Social media Failure:

When the campaign first launched, the Skittles campaign was one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter.  . . .  All they did was turn their home page into a constantly revolving loop of people saying “OMG SKITTLES LOVES TWITTER.” It almost seemed to be an ad campaign for Twitter versus one to enhance the Skittles brand.  . .  Skittles broke one of the first cardinal rules of social media — it led with a tool and didn’t reach into its community. . . . .Fail, Skittles. Absolute fail.

Posting a image from wordcamp San Franciso. Somehow I find it Suitable!!!

It surely has created a buzz. But does it also have some negative impacts to BooneOakley? Share your thoughts.

Social Media can make you win a cool Tshirt!!

Guys, There has been a regular buzz on Social Media. Its start, its implications, its effects, aftermaths etc etc. One recent example is the Mumbai Group on facebook (I am one of the administrators!!).

The recent attacks in mumbai raised many eyebrows having questions, anger, anguish, concerns, complains . . . they found a platform in the Mumbai Group. There was a leap in the members from mere 200 to 1300+ members in just 4-5 days.


People started commenting, posting, debating, sharing pictures, videos etc. And this is just an example, how social media impacts general public.

But on a serious note, Social Media is being used by the Corporate Giants, Organizations, Celebreties, Entertainment Industry & even Media!! I being a social media enthusiast too, have some questions.

Is Social media just having a profile in Facebook/Orkut, sharing pictures using flickr, uploading videos on youtube, chatting with friends? No, Social media is much much more than these. Having these queries, I approached to Bhanu, my dear friend & colleague, who was most willingly ready to answer my queries.

My next post will be an Interview with Mr. K Bhanuprakash on some serious topics related to Social Media. (Will be posted as soon as I recieve the answers).

His brief Introduction:

K BhanuprakashK. Bhanuprakash, having an experience of more than 8 years, heads the Digital/Interactive team of Hanmer MS&L, India. Started as an Entrepreneur (owned Web-Multmedia Agency), He shifted to Corp Comm, and presently handling the Online presence and promotion of some Major clients which Include MNC’s, Lifestyle giants and even celebrities!! He is Social media enthusiast, with spending a major chunk of his time in learning and implementing the ideas and strategies. He is also in to serious singing and hoping for a big break soon. He and his wife live in Thane, Mumbai. You can also follow him in Twitter & Facebook.

And now the winning thing!!

You can win cool T-Shirt while clearing your doubts by asking questions!!

If you have any questions, doubts, queries which you want to get answered, most welcome. Just post your questions in the comment box, and I will get those answered. And the reader asking a question which would be Mind Boggling, Unique, and makes us (me and Bhanu) to have a brainstorming session to answer, will have a chance to win a cool Tshirt with a design of your choice, Courtesy Inkfruit (Thanks Priyanka!!)


Inkfruit is a place for people to submit, discover and buy amazing custom t-shirt designs by artists from around the world. Based around an ongoing t-shirt design contest, all of the designs on Inkfruit have been submitted by community members. Inkfruit is headquartered in Bombay, India. It was launched in early December 2007. And using the social media, Inkfruit is also present on Facebook, Orkut & Blog. They have a special affiliate program in which you can have inkfruit online shop placed on your site, or Inkfruit ad banner on your site or blog and EARN too!!!!

This Contest is open for Indian residents Only.
Please ask questions about Social Media (Indian scenario would be appreciated) . Questions on other topics would not be considered.
Please mention your email carefully, because winner(s) will be contacted by email.
The contest closes on
Dec 16th and winners will be announced on Dec 18th.

And lastly, If we get some really good questions, we can have two winners!!