Volkswagen Fox – Twitter

Volkswagen decided to sponsor the Planeta Terra Festival (big music fest in São Paulo) as it was a great opportunity to bring their trendy car, the Fox, closer to city’s youth. Then came the challenge: spread the Fox message beyond the event walls, reaching every youngster in São Paulo.

AlmapBBDO was roped in and they came with this solution:

First, they spread a series of tickets in different places within’ São Paulo. Then, a online platform was launched where visitors could see the Google Maps of the entire city. The mechanic was simple: the more tweets #foxatplanetaterra, the closer the zoom on the map. The first one to get to the ticket, won it. This went on for four days straight.

The tweet #foxatplanetaterra became a TrendTopic in São Paulo in less than 2 hours, where it remained for the entire length of the competition.

Twitter status flying high!!!

Lufthansa Airlines have come up with a unique social media strategy. If you are flying, MySkyStatus automatically sends status updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your departure, location and arrival information. It’s travel made social and it’s easy to set up.

  1. Select your carrier (Yes!! Any Airline!!)
  2. Departure date
  3. Flight Number
  4. Departure, arrival time and date

Just login with your Twitter details and it will automatically update your status.  The status updates looks like this:

Lufthansa MySKyStatus Lufthansa MySkyStatus

Seems an engaging activity, interesting and very good use of social media.

Any more ideas/comments on the same??

Pepsi Coke Friendship on Twitter!!!

Pepsi and CocaCola have been rivals since ages. They have been Rivals in evry field – Products, Sales, Advertising, News, Sponsorship . . . . But Friendship of Coke and Pepsi?? Its something which one can never think.

On July 1st, Eunmac tweeted:

coke-vs-pepsi- umnneetRT to end an old war: Dear @pepsi and @cocacola, why not follow each other on Twitter and be friends 🙂

It may sound awkward, but atleast he tried!!!

And to everyone’s surprise, Coke replied!!! Coke sent an Hello to Pepsi and even started following Pepsi!! They responded in less than three hours!! (Sorry, I cant stop adding exclamatory signs :-))

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When Social media goes in to head!!

What Happens when you are continously engaged in twitter, Facebook, Mocroblogging, Blogging and you are following a large number of people and and even more followers!!

In simple words, What happens when social media gets in to your head –



Courtesy: Geek & Poke