Why This Kolaveri Di – Case Study

It has been seen by everyone… Yes.. you too!

It has been trending in Twitter

It has been tweeted by many including Amitabh Bachchan, karan Johar, Your friends and you!!

Amul Butter made a ad based on it.

It has got several versions here, here and here.

A song by a non-singer has been leveraged by Singers also… Sonu Nigam (find it here)

This song has been picked up by IIM biggies to include as Viral Marketing case Study

2,10,000 music downloads within 18 days

Its officially India’s Biggest Viral campaign. Ever, with 23 Mn YouTube Views. 800,000 FB Shares. 12 Mn Twitter Impressions and 2,10,000 downloads within 18 days!!

How did it all happen??


India’s best Friends in Cyber Space!!

Western Union Your Worl Facebook App revealed USA as Indian Best friend in Cyber Space. Details here:

October 12, 2011 – The United States has been revealed as India’s best friend in cyberspace, according to a unique new league table released by Western Union, one of the world’s most globally connected brands.

The league table has been created using data from Western Union’s Your World Facebook Application, which visualises each user’s Facebook connections around the globe and gives them a score for how globally connected they are.

Your World has enjoyed more than 250,000 hits worldwide since its launch in July this year, as individual users compete in the Western Union®Network Challenge: a hunt for the world’s most globally networked person on Facebook. On the 18th of October Western Union will announce the winner – and reveal an opportunity for them to use their global network as a force for good.

With so much aggregate data being generated by Your World, Western Union has been able to build a bird’s eye view of how different countries connect to one another on Facebook. The data reveals India’s top ten best friends in cyberspace: those countries where Facebook users in India have the most Facebook connections.

The results show how social media is shrinking the world we live in – with some of the India’s closest friends in cyberspace based thousands of miles away in the real world:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. Singapore
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Indonesia
  9. Malaysia
  10. Philippines

The Image depicting the cyber friendship:

[1] Network data as of June 30, 2011 (inclusive of Western Union, Vigo and Orlandi Valuta branded services).

Facebook facts – Infographic

World is obsessed with Facebook. I am sure you agree. (if you say, No, I am sure you agree!!)

So here are some facts shown in a very pleasant way with Video, animation and audio!!!

Color of Brassiere??

“Its actually vanilla!!”



These were the status messages of my Female chat friends. At first I thought it may be coincidence. but the 2 more status messages “navy blue” and “white” compelled me to ask one of my friends about the status message. the reply was – “its the color of my Bra!!!”. Bra color?? why would anyone keep Brassiere Color as status message? The reply was -” my friend said so, and all other girls also have kept the status message on same lines.” Read more

Twitter status flying high!!!

Lufthansa Airlines have come up with a unique social media strategy. If you are flying, MySkyStatus automatically sends status updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your departure, location and arrival information. It’s travel made social and it’s easy to set up.

  1. Select your carrier (Yes!! Any Airline!!)
  2. Departure date
  3. Flight Number
  4. Departure, arrival time and date

Just login with your Twitter details and it will automatically update your status.  The status updates looks like this:

Lufthansa MySKyStatus Lufthansa MySkyStatus

Seems an engaging activity, interesting and very good use of social media.

Any more ideas/comments on the same??