Kidhar hai bheja? Pepsi TVC released unedited

Its summer again & the cola war hasnt started yet. Pepsi was releasing out some teasers as Ranbir kapoor’s New look, Sanjay Dutt’s Unique get up & Game to win Rs 50 lakhs!

Social media was used quite extensively for this. Pepsi’s Facebook Fan page which was launched 2-3 months ago, where they organised some contests and aggressively gave away Dhoni & Ishant Sharma USB drives.

Now with this new ad coming up, they started posting teasers in the form of Ranbir’s Pictures, Sanjay Dutt’s New look, The game concept, the sets etc. They even released a Making video on the facebook fan page.

In the teaser, Sanjay Dutt says: “Yahaan paheliyon ka jaal hoga, dher saara maal hoga… hai bheja to le jaa…”

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Pepsi Coke Friendship on Twitter!!!

Pepsi and CocaCola have been rivals since ages. They have been Rivals in evry field – Products, Sales, Advertising, News, Sponsorship . . . . But Friendship of Coke and Pepsi?? Its something which one can never think.

On July 1st, Eunmac tweeted:

coke-vs-pepsi- umnneetRT to end an old war: Dear @pepsi and @cocacola, why not follow each other on Twitter and be friends 🙂

It may sound awkward, but atleast he tried!!!

And to everyone’s surprise, Coke replied!!! Coke sent an Hello to Pepsi and even started following Pepsi!! They responded in less than three hours!! (Sorry, I cant stop adding exclamatory signs :-))

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