Tasteless Koffee with Karan!

Tasteless Koffee with Karan!

Never a big of Karan Johar or his movies or his stupid chat shows! Yesterday while flipping the channels happened to watch the latest seasons, first episode with Salman Khan! Now when Salman is there its obvious there will be questions about his deeds (Black Buck, Drink and drive, Shahrukh fights etc) and obviously Katrina Kaif!

So I watched the whole episode which was nothing more than a C grade bollywood film with Best Actors!!! Questions were Stupid, Jokes were lame, Salman was acting (Which is ironical cos he cant act in Movies!)

Salman Khan

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Movie Review – Bodygaurd

Lets Start with Start – Promos, which romised of some thing nice, funny, fresh movie.. seemed humorous, Nice music and Salman and Kareena!!!

Then the Movie poster –

Can someone please tell me where is the creativity?? If I am not wrong, Rahul nanda is the publicity designer? Where are the designs???

Now coming to movie:

The movie starts with the same ‘no creativity’ credits.  And then Salman’s entry! wait wait.. is that Salman or RajniKanth!! Salman Khan jumping from one train to another train! And then he’s flying from here and there defying the Gravity to save some girls!

Uncle Parker (in spiderman) said – With great powers comes great responsibility. But it other way round with Bodygaurd : With Great responsibility comes great power!!!!

Ok, now cut to we have the same Bodyguard…oh by the way our bodyguard has a lovely name – LOVELY SINGH, is in front or Sartaj Singh (Raj Babbar). He is appointed Kareena’s Bodyguard.

now Kareena is irritated by Lovely Singh’s Uniform, so she calls him as another girl in love with him.  and then theres no story….

Some points which take the movie to next level of bakwaas..:

  1. Mahesh Manjrekar is villain who got only 3-4 dialogues.
  2. Aditya Pancholi is villain who is after Kareena to kill her. No one knows the reason.
  3. A character called Tsunami tries to act funny by cracking jokes on Bum. Wearing girls clothes…
  4. Salman khan’s ringtone..
  5. Salman flies and fights ( I am sure even he doesnt know why is he flying)
  6. The villain is dead half an hour before the movie ends
  7. And yes.. theres suspense too.. Salman has a son and he’s not Kareena’s!!

Dialogues – Salman has started a trend of having a hard hitting dialogue in all his movies,Maine ek baar commitment kar di toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sun ta (wanted), Hum yahan ke robin hood hain (dabangg) and then body gaurd – Mujhpe ek ehsaan karna, ki mujhpe koi ehsaan na karna….

Except this dialogue all other dialogues are pathetically stupid. e.g Salman bumps in to a tree and says – Jhaad ne mujhe jhaad diya….

The saving grace of the movie was Music. One song Teri meri prem kahanni.. was a real good song with nice picturisation.. but again there was a mistake… Only Kareena is confused about her love story not Salman.. then why do they both sing – Prem kahani mushkil hai……?

And then after a draggy emotional scene (??) the film ends…

The movie has crossed earning of 110 crores!! thats purely because of Saman Khan!! His fans can do anything to Watch Salman khan… Even watch Bodyguard!!!!

Overheard a A lady leaving theatre – Pata nahi kyun ye movie dekhne aaye.. lagta hai paise jyada ho gaye the…….