My Child’s TeeVee

Few days ago I was invited for the Whats on india Team to discuss about their new Initiative “My Child’s TeeVee”. I was first wondering whats is this Whats On India, now wondering about My Child’s TeeVee.

A small google search search led me to ” What’s-On-India is India’s first and only Television Guidance Channel”. Impressive.

Well I was (along with some more bloggers) introduced to Mr. Atul Phadnis, who made us understand the concept and showed the way it works.

What’s On India is a free to air channel which is like a Index to the Channel, more of a channel guide. It looks somewhat like this:

What's-On-India New Look Image

The bottom half of the screen on this free-to-air satellite channel is an electronic programming guide (EPG), the top right partof the channel alternates between genre-wise suggestions and what’s scheduled in the next few minutes across channels. On days when channels replace regular programming with special shows, the channel will be a one-stop guide to the various shows.

‘My Child’s TeeVee’ , India’s first show on Parental TV Guidance – Talking about the What’s on India Initiative My Child’s TeeVee, Mr. Atul Phadnis told us giving the examples, how the children are addicted to TV. A suprising fact, which Atul shared was that around 70% children watch “Pavitra Rishta” regularly, which is a soap based on good and bad relations.

My Child’s TeeVee is a 7 minutes’ show. It is an step to create awareness amongst the young parents about the adverse effects of excessive television viewing on their kids. The show will be having eminent child specialists talking about the same.

These doctors will discuss and give insights on the adverse effects of excessive television on child’s psychology and the emerging need for parental guidance in television. The show will also highlight some must watch shows for kids, and provide expert ideas on how to handle kids of various age groups.

This seems to be an innovative and concerned step towards children.