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Ab in janab ke baare me kya kahein…. Mere kuch sabse purane friends me se ek…. sabse achchi tuning hai inke saath. .. A person’s life’s golden period is when he is in end of schooling, college years… and this time decides what you are, what u can be, and the friends in these times are the friends forever. . . . Bhai has been with me listening all my dreams, thoughts, cribbings, even songs.. hehehehe. . . . we have shared a great time together… I can say we grew up together…. even our first crush was together with a same girl!!!!

A close friend of mine, understands me very well, i understand him very well…. has a terrific sense of humour… understand everything to the deepest level possible.. 🙂

If you want to know more about me, other than what i say.. u need to go to him…. he is the person who knows me in n out…

Have’nt called him since last 2-3 weeks… need to call him…



shubhankar, Vidya n me!!!

Vidya, BABA (???) as we call him is another friend, got introduced by shubhankar only. One of the most practical person in my group, knows what will happen if we do anything. Has an exceptionally great talent to convince anyone… and person who doesnt hesitate to talk in Hindi, even if everyone else is speaking in english!! Something which is nothing but quite impressive. Has a great career starting from nothing.

If u call him anytime he is always out of reach, not answering, switched off, or a message will be recived, i m Busy, will call you later!! I still wonder how he manges to do this. If u r in need or if he is in need, all you can do is wait for his call!!!

In all a great person, when u r wid him,, not when u want to be in contact with phone!!!


Additional Baba

He’s a practical person and he loves to be on mobile. He is an unmatchable LATE LATIF (in punctuality). He, in his 98th yr joined Bhai while doing MBA. In sahab ke paas ek se ek bahane hote hain  late hone ke liye and Baba and Bhai always knew dat he’s lying. He’ll pickup ur call at 9 out of 10 times, dats d best in him. Always there for friends. A good companion , loves ghazals and he’s finally confirmed in his organization , most of the time he doesn’t stay in the same organization for more than 6 mths. finally he has completed 11 mths in present Co. Sorry Dude, Couldnt attend ur wedding. . . . . 

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  • mera profile kahan hai vidya k bare mein lika mera nahi