Color of Brassiere??

“Its actually vanilla!!”



These were the status messages of my Female chat friends. At first I thought it may be coincidence. but the 2 more status messages “navy blue” and “white” compelled me to ask one of my friends about the status message. the reply was – “its the color of my Bra!!!”. Bra color?? why would anyone keep Brassiere Color as status message? The reply was -” my friend said so, and all other girls also have kept the status message on same lines.” Read more

Are you Aarami??

With all the TV channels pouring in with all types of Reality Shows, Game shows – Pati Patni Aur Woh, Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka, Emotional Atyachaar, Big Boss, Roadies, Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, Big Switch etc etc. . . . people have in a way got used to these reality Shows.

And with these Reality shows the Bollywood stars are also turning up to Small Screen – Amitabh Bachchan in Big Boss (Not to forget inviting Ritesh Deshmukh, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina to promote their films ), Genelia in Big Switch (Priyanka Chopra in an episode), and other TV biggies in multi star shows such as Pati Patni aur Woh (Rakhi Sawant, Apurva, Mauni, Juhi, Shilpa etc) and Raaz pichhle Janam Ka(Shekhar Suman, Monica Bedi etc) Read more

Häagen-Dazs Icecreams generates hot wave

Got this article from a Forwarded mail by  a Dear Friend.

My friend Ramit (name changed on request) called me late Friday night. He sounded quite agitated. “You know, Haagen Dazs has opened its Delhi outlet”.  I reacted with a joke. “Good, now you can spend a lot more on an ice cream than you normally would. But why are you agitated?”

“Because I am not allowed to enter”, he said. Now, Ramit is not like one of the politician’s son or into drugs, the sort who are often in news in India’s capital for all the wrong reasons, nor is he the kind who will shoot someone down because she refused to serve him a cone of ice cream.

Read more

Nationalization of GM to be short-term – Obama

In a defining moment for American capitalism, President Barack Obama ushered General Motors Corp. into bankruptcy protection Monday and put the government behind the wheel of the company that once symbolized the nation’s economic muscle.

GM Bankrupt ObamaThe fallen giant, the largest U.S. industrial company ever to enter bankruptcy, is shedding some 21,000 jobs and 2,600 dealers. Sparing few communities, the retrenchment amounts to one-third of its U.S. work force and 40 percent of its dealerships.


“We are acting as reluctant shareholders because that is the only way to help GM succeed,” Obama said of the temporary nationalization of the 100-year-old company.

Obama lauded what he called a “viable, achievable plan that will give this iconic American company a chance to rise again” as GM followed Chrysler LLC into bankruptcy court. Of Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers, only Ford Motor Corp. has avoided bankruptcy restructuring and has not taken federal bailout money.

The prepackaged GM bankruptcy deal — crafted by the administration, the company, the United Auto Workers union and a group of bondholders — would give the U.S. government a 60 percent controlling stake in what was once the world’s largest automaker. An additional 12.5 percent would be under Canadian government ownership.

“What I have no interest in doing is running GM,” Obama said. His only goal, he said, was to get GM back on its feet and then “to get out quickly.”

“Ultimately, I think that GM is going to be a strong company, and we are going to be pulling out as soon as the economy recovers and they’ve completed their restructuring,” he said. “My hope … is that we will see both GM and Chrysler having emerged from this restructuring process leaner, meaner, more competitive with a set of product lines that appeal to consumers, good cars that are fuel efficient and that look at the markets of tomorrow.”

Obama also predicted a rebound in the automotive market when the economy recovers.

“You are looking at a substantial market that is going to be available for U.S. automakers if they’ve made some good decisions now, and if they are building the kinds of fuel-efficient, high-performance cars that American consumers are hungry for,” he said.


MrinaliniNote:  This article has been authored by Mrinalini aka Meenu (as we fondly call her), who has accepted my request to be a Guest Author at Umennet. She has been my one of the best friends, knows me in n out. Has been my, philosopher and guide too. Meenu has worked as  a recruitment HR with an MNC, Recently married and settled in Atlanta, US of A. She has her own set of rules, her own observation and her own conclusions.  So, to have a new look towards everything, I requested her to be a guest author which she happily agreed. I am sure this new relation as a blogger would really last long. I would prefer saying – forever!!!

Jana Gana Rann

Ram Gopal Verma’s new Flick Rann (?? ) has a song based on National anthem. An altered version.

Altering the National Anthem is not new. Earlier A R Rahman also, altered with the tune and despite some little controversies, people liked it. Now, the multiplexes in mumbai play the Rahman version of National Anthem before every show.

But this time the story is different. This time the lyrics has been altered. Again a new way to be in the news!!

Now, today Mumbai Mirror had an article on it.  Censor Board has not approved it, saying:

… the lyrics of the national anthem cannot be played around with. In the film’s case, the lyrics of the national anthem have been mixed with other words.

Vinayak Azad, regional officer (CBFC) 

I quickly had a look on the video and this is what I found:

and here are the lyrics:

Jana Gana Rann - umennet

But, I dont feel any thing wrong. This alteration has not been done for some entertainment or cheap publicity. This time the song has a message,  a request.  According to Sheetal Talwaar, Co-Producer of Rann:

We believe the song reflects the current state of the country. Also, according to our constitution, one has the right to freedom of expression and speech. We are not violating any law or dishonoring the national anthem at all. There is no violation of copyright either.

And Ram Gopal Verma Says:

I have not tinkered with the anthem or treated it in a disrespectful manner. The song has been used to express the angst of some characters of the film against the current situation in the country. It does not say anything that is not true. I think by the words and the visuals, everyone can see the dignity with which it has been treated.

Now, this song violates the freedom of right or not, but it definitly strikes the chord.

As described in the Press release, The movie is about the media. how the media is used to earn money, used to play polictics, used for business.  Some of the quotes from Movie:

To control people’s mind is to control MONEY

Aaj mandir me baithe bhagwaan se bhi log ‘ENTERTAINMENT‘ chahte hain

Rajneeti ki teen patti me trumpcard hai MEDIA

FILM walon aur hum me fark sirf itna hai ki hum humari filmon ko NEWS kehte hain
(This is the best one!!)

Aaj BURI khabar, bhali hai

Aaj IDEAS kam hain aur COMPETITION jyaada

And with the news channels such as India TV, Aaj Tak etc showing all crap, I hope this movie will definitely pass the message of using the media effectively and responsibly. Atleast the video does so.

Whats your opinion on the alteration of National Anthem & Video?