Movie Review – Bodygaurd

Lets Start with Start – Promos, which romised of some thing nice, funny, fresh movie.. seemed humorous, Nice music and Salman and Kareena!!!

Then the Movie poster –

Can someone please tell me where is the creativity?? If I am not wrong, Rahul nanda is the publicity designer? Where are the designs???

Now coming to movie:

The movie starts with the same ‘no creativity’ credits.  And then Salman’s entry! wait wait.. is that Salman or RajniKanth!! Salman Khan jumping from one train to another train! And then he’s flying from here and there defying the Gravity to save some girls!

Uncle Parker (in spiderman) said – With great powers comes great responsibility. But it other way round with Bodygaurd : With Great responsibility comes great power!!!!

Ok, now cut to we have the same Bodyguard…oh by the way our bodyguard has a lovely name – LOVELY SINGH, is in front or Sartaj Singh (Raj Babbar). He is appointed Kareena’s Bodyguard.

now Kareena is irritated by Lovely Singh’s Uniform, so she calls him as another girl in love with him.  and then theres no story….

Some points which take the movie to next level of bakwaas..:

  1. Mahesh Manjrekar is villain who got only 3-4 dialogues.
  2. Aditya Pancholi is villain who is after Kareena to kill her. No one knows the reason.
  3. A character called Tsunami tries to act funny by cracking jokes on Bum. Wearing girls clothes…
  4. Salman khan’s ringtone..
  5. Salman flies and fights ( I am sure even he doesnt know why is he flying)
  6. The villain is dead half an hour before the movie ends
  7. And yes.. theres suspense too.. Salman has a son and he’s not Kareena’s!!

Dialogues – Salman has started a trend of having a hard hitting dialogue in all his movies,Maine ek baar commitment kar di toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sun ta (wanted), Hum yahan ke robin hood hain (dabangg) and then body gaurd – Mujhpe ek ehsaan karna, ki mujhpe koi ehsaan na karna….

Except this dialogue all other dialogues are pathetically stupid. e.g Salman bumps in to a tree and says – Jhaad ne mujhe jhaad diya….

The saving grace of the movie was Music. One song Teri meri prem kahanni.. was a real good song with nice picturisation.. but again there was a mistake… Only Kareena is confused about her love story not Salman.. then why do they both sing – Prem kahani mushkil hai……?

And then after a draggy emotional scene (??) the film ends…

The movie has crossed earning of 110 crores!! thats purely because of Saman Khan!! His fans can do anything to Watch Salman khan… Even watch Bodyguard!!!!

Overheard a A lady leaving theatre – Pata nahi kyun ye movie dekhne aaye.. lagta hai paise jyada ho gaye the…….


Learn from Harishchandrachi Factory

You must have seen the making of  Movie, Album, Documentary etc . .   Have you ever wondered how the first movie was made? Just imagine when no one knew anything about the movie. When Movie (Moving pictures) was a new thing. When people were scared of moving pictures. Can you dare to do something which is unimaginable in your time? Dhundiraj Govind Phalke (Dada Saheb Phalke) did. He made the first full length motion picture.

Dada Saheb Phalke

Yeah yeah, you know all this. This post is not another review of Harishchandrachi Factory. (although you can read a nice review here) Its about what we can learn from the movie ( Dada Saheb Phalke, to be precise). Read more

Amitabh Bachchan as Supremo

Today I had a talk with my elder brother, who had a bigggg collection of comics, from which I got the habit of reading. Suddenly he reminded me of a comic character superhero – Supremo, based on Amitabh Bachchan.

You would ask, Comic book, on a Film star?? Yes!!! The only reason could be, Amitabh Bachchan has had such a huge fan following that  a comic book was based on him, where the superstar doubled up as a superhero.

Amitabh Bachchan with his Comic book - Supremo

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Jana Gana Rann

Ram Gopal Verma’s new Flick Rann (?? ) has a song based on National anthem. An altered version.

Altering the National Anthem is not new. Earlier A R Rahman also, altered with the tune and despite some little controversies, people liked it. Now, the multiplexes in mumbai play the Rahman version of National Anthem before every show.

But this time the story is different. This time the lyrics has been altered. Again a new way to be in the news!!

Now, today Mumbai Mirror had an article on it.  Censor Board has not approved it, saying:

… the lyrics of the national anthem cannot be played around with. In the film’s case, the lyrics of the national anthem have been mixed with other words.

Vinayak Azad, regional officer (CBFC) 

I quickly had a look on the video and this is what I found:

and here are the lyrics:

Jana Gana Rann - umennet

But, I dont feel any thing wrong. This alteration has not been done for some entertainment or cheap publicity. This time the song has a message,  a request.  According to Sheetal Talwaar, Co-Producer of Rann:

We believe the song reflects the current state of the country. Also, according to our constitution, one has the right to freedom of expression and speech. We are not violating any law or dishonoring the national anthem at all. There is no violation of copyright either.

And Ram Gopal Verma Says:

I have not tinkered with the anthem or treated it in a disrespectful manner. The song has been used to express the angst of some characters of the film against the current situation in the country. It does not say anything that is not true. I think by the words and the visuals, everyone can see the dignity with which it has been treated.

Now, this song violates the freedom of right or not, but it definitly strikes the chord.

As described in the Press release, The movie is about the media. how the media is used to earn money, used to play polictics, used for business.  Some of the quotes from Movie:

To control people’s mind is to control MONEY

Aaj mandir me baithe bhagwaan se bhi log ‘ENTERTAINMENT‘ chahte hain

Rajneeti ki teen patti me trumpcard hai MEDIA

FILM walon aur hum me fark sirf itna hai ki hum humari filmon ko NEWS kehte hain
(This is the best one!!)

Aaj BURI khabar, bhali hai

Aaj IDEAS kam hain aur COMPETITION jyaada

And with the news channels such as India TV, Aaj Tak etc showing all crap, I hope this movie will definitely pass the message of using the media effectively and responsibly. Atleast the video does so.

Whats your opinion on the alteration of National Anthem & Video?


8 X 10 Tasveer | Movie Review

8X10 Tasveer deals with a special power of Akshay Kumar to go through the images, and see what happened just after the image was clicked.

8x10 tasveer - umennet

Synopsis: Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar) is an EPS (Environment Protection Service) officer in Canada. Living with his GF, Sheela (Ayesha Takia) having a extraordinary superficial power of seeing what happened after a photograph was clicked. 

Every thing goes fine until, one day His father Jatin Puri (Benjamin Gilani) dies in an accident on his yatch.  Now enters a private detective Habibullah Pasha (Jawed Jafferi) who doubts that it was a murder. This doubt, in addition to Dreams, Provokes Jai to find out the truth. 

So he decides to go inside th elast clicked 8X10 picture of his father and 3 others [Adit ( Rushaad Rana), Anil Sharma (Girish Karnard), Sundar Puri (Anant Madhavan)]. Once he goes in to the past, he finds evidences of the murder. The doubts all 3 business partners of his dad, as well as his mother Savita puri ( Sharmila tagore) too.  but the twists and tangles make the story more interesting, and then he begins his chase of the murderer.

Performances: Akshay Kumar, has once again given a brilliant performance. He as a owner of super natural power, and a Ranger of EPS, done his job perfectly. Aayesha Takia has been roped for a perfect role of a caring lover. Jawed Jaffery Needs a special mention for his role of a cleanliness obsessed, private detective who behaves very awkwardly. Sharmila Tagore was good after so many years. I think last saw her in Aamir khan starrer, Mann.

8x10 tasveer - umennet

Others, Benjamin Gilani, Girish Karnad, Anant Mahadevan, Rushaad Rana, are just small characters but  they have done nothing less than the lead actors. Over all performace of the actors in the movie is very good.

Music: The music and background score of the movie is by Salim Suleiman. Although the songs of the movie are not a hit, and not even hummable, the background score of the movie is good and keeps the pace up, all through the movie. The title song Nazara hai is nice. The main attraction is the rap song which comes at last.

Direction: Nagesh Kukunoor has always shown his skill as director right from the Hyderabad Blues to Rockford to Teen Deewarien. He has been an excellent story teller. and this time too he has proved it. He has made a slick, stylish film, which can be in some cases compared to hollywood movies. At some points it even is equivalent to M Night Shyamalan’s Thrillers/horrors.

The special effects used in movie are of the supreme standards.  Some of the stunts such as jumping from the cliff, underwater sequences are mind blowing. The effects showing Akshay Kumar going back to history are good, where as the ending scene where the main killer and akshay kumar come face to face are awesome!! (The mail killer has been not disclosed to avoid the spoiler!!)

Over all the film is must watch, if you want to have a taste of a good Indian Thriller movie.

I would rate it 4 out of 5.