Trek Date – Before getting Married

A guy ready to marry and a lot of questions.

  1. How would be my wife
  2. Will she be good in marriage
  3. will we be like friends or Husband Wife?
  4. How will she react to life, daily

And lot more questions of same nature. So told my parents clearly that i will have atleast 5-6 meetings with her in person to understand her. To which my mom said yes (confused, thinking what will she say to the parents of girl). My dad, just ignored and carried on with his news!

And I came to my desk, started surfing and came to this wonderful article on Trek Date.

Most couples who are thinking of getting married waste an enormous amount of time dating each other over expensive cups of coffee in the hope that they’ll get to know each other better.

I have bad news for you. You won’t.

In an artificial setting like a coffee shop, restaurant or a park, you only talk. Yet, we spend most of our married life doing things – making breakfast, going to office, sending the kids to school. And in doing these ordinary tasks we display our love, respect and consideration towards one other. It cements our bond and our marriage becomes stronger.
Trek Date
A trek date is an excellent way to check if your partner possesses qualities to make a marriage work. On a long trek – preferably over 5-6 days – the mask of the city wears off quickly and the real person surfaces. It makes sense to keenly observe this real person.
Here are a few points for you to observe:
  1. Is your partner capable of sticking to the discipline of a trek? A trek requires discipline in schedule, preparation and routine. So does life.
  2. Does your partner complain? A Himalayan trek is not easy. If your partner finds fault with things – from the difficulty of the terrain, to the quality of food; to the conditions of your tent, to the transport used, your partner is a whiner. If you have a complaining partner your life is going to be similar.
  3. Does your partner cooperate? Like a trek, life is a series of cooperation – at home and work. If your partner cooperates with most situations it speaks of a healthy mind and heart. Check if your partner volunteers for cooperative activities that does not directly benefit themselves, say in arranging the tent or packing  sleeping bags or getting tea for others. The more cooperative the partner the safer is your future.
  4. Does your partner make the best of situations? On a trek times will come when things go out of control. What does your partner do in such situations? Show frustration and complain or try to make the best of the situation? You need a life partner who can deal with bad situations in a cool and composed manner. A dose of humor is a bonus.
  5. Does your partner mingle and mix? When at camp does your partner spend time talking with others and learning from them or does your partner like to be alone or sticks to you. All of us like to be left alone at times – but mingling with others is part of our social world. Partners who stick to you al the time in an outdoor situation will either be a pain later or is faking it.
  6. Does your partner show consideration to the world? Does your partner pick up fallen chocolate wrappers on the trek? Does your partner have a kind word and gesture towards the guides and porters? Does your partner spend time with a trekker who is down? A considerate partner is far more important in life than a loving partner.
  7. Does your partner ask people (however sweetly) to get things like tea, warm water, or dinner? It takes an effort to head to the kitchen for these things – but it also shows a human being who is self sufficient – someone who doesn’t order people around. A partner who orders is a menace for the future.
I hope these pointers will help you choose your partner wisely. Going on a “Trek Date” is a new way of seeing the most important person in your life.
Trek Dates are becoming increasingly popular among the urban youth. It is easy to see why. Trek Dates help unmarried young men and women find life partners. They get to meet prospective partners and also check their compatibility in real life situations – something modern coffee shops don’t allow.
Isn’t it interesting?? Whats your opinion??

Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape – Youtube Viral!!!

Ahh!! Sex tape!! of Jen Aniston!!! ……

Wait Wait Wait!! Its all about the new Viral campaign (Advertising Agency: Kraftworks, New York, USA) of Smart Water. The 3 minute video has Jennifer Aniston (spokesperson of Smart Water for a long time) talking about the elements to add to the video to make it Viral.

She says  – “I’m here to talk to you about Smart Water, But in this day and age, I can’t just do that, can I?

So she takes help of 3 Internet Boys and the elements to make video Viral. Puppies, a parrot, dancing CGI babies and a Double Rainbow guy clone. Also kicking a fan in private parts by saying – “Sorry, but that should be worth about 100,000 hits”!!!

Finally, Aniston suggestively drinks from a Smart Water bottle, getting her three “Internet boys” hot and heavy. The punchline? They decide to call the would-be viral video “Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape.”

It already has 6,775,172 hits in just 5 days!! Heres the video:

Volkswagen Fox – Twitter

Volkswagen decided to sponsor the Planeta Terra Festival (big music fest in São Paulo) as it was a great opportunity to bring their trendy car, the Fox, closer to city’s youth. Then came the challenge: spread the Fox message beyond the event walls, reaching every youngster in São Paulo.

AlmapBBDO was roped in and they came with this solution:

First, they spread a series of tickets in different places within’ São Paulo. Then, a online platform was launched where visitors could see the Google Maps of the entire city. The mechanic was simple: the more tweets #foxatplanetaterra, the closer the zoom on the map. The first one to get to the ticket, won it. This went on for four days straight.

The tweet #foxatplanetaterra became a TrendTopic in São Paulo in less than 2 hours, where it remained for the entire length of the competition.

One Million Heineken Hugs for Facebook love!

Heinekin recently hit the 1 million mark on their Facebook page. And to celebrate this, they sent out a group of Heinekin huggers (as we may call them!) on the streets of Amsterdam.

Heineken Huggers
Heineken Huggers

The “Heineken Huggers” were out on the streets hugging every Heineken drinking person, returning back the love, they gave with One Million likes on the Facebook Page. They shot a beautiful video , which already has 84,000 views in 2 weeks. The video also shows a person being denied of a hug because he’s not drinking Heineken!! Here’s the video –

A nice gesture to return the love to the Facebook fans. Generally brands give some goodies or incentives, but Heineken did a wonderful job by mixing the online and offline world. A BIG THUMBS UP!!!

Through this campaign Through this campaign, Heineken introduced new universal tag line ‘Open Your World’ with a host of ad campaigns: See here.

Which Indian brand do you think could send such Hug team or can take thanks gesture offline?

My Child’s TeeVee

Few days ago I was invited for the Whats on india Team to discuss about their new Initiative “My Child’s TeeVee”. I was first wondering whats is this Whats On India, now wondering about My Child’s TeeVee.

A small google search search led me to ” What’s-On-India is India’s first and only Television Guidance Channel”. Impressive.

Well I was (along with some more bloggers) introduced to Mr. Atul Phadnis, who made us understand the concept and showed the way it works.

What’s On India is a free to air channel which is like a Index to the Channel, more of a channel guide. It looks somewhat like this:

What's-On-India New Look Image

The bottom half of the screen on this free-to-air satellite channel is an electronic programming guide (EPG), the top right partof the channel alternates between genre-wise suggestions and what’s scheduled in the next few minutes across channels. On days when channels replace regular programming with special shows, the channel will be a one-stop guide to the various shows.

‘My Child’s TeeVee’ , India’s first show on Parental TV Guidance – Talking about the What’s on India Initiative My Child’s TeeVee, Mr. Atul Phadnis told us giving the examples, how the children are addicted to TV. A suprising fact, which Atul shared was that around 70% children watch “Pavitra Rishta” regularly, which is a soap based on good and bad relations.

My Child’s TeeVee is a 7 minutes’ show. It is an step to create awareness amongst the young parents about the adverse effects of excessive television viewing on their kids. The show will be having eminent child specialists talking about the same.

These doctors will discuss and give insights on the adverse effects of excessive television on child’s psychology and the emerging need for parental guidance in television. The show will also highlight some must watch shows for kids, and provide expert ideas on how to handle kids of various age groups.

This seems to be an innovative and concerned step towards children.