Review of Shankar’s “I”

First of all, dont confuse “Shankar’s Eye” with “Shankar’s I”!!

That was around 4:30 Pm when I took the decision of watching I on friday the 16th. My thoughts were of watching before all my friends(who will watch hindi dub) and i will spoil the story for them!!!

And boy!! I did spoiled… not story for them but my evening time, money and faith over Shankar!!!

and all this when I read letter by K Balachander to Shankar where he literally christened him as James Cameroon of India!! (Images at the end of post) 

And now coming to the review:

I is a regular (sounds grammar mistake :p) south Indian masala movie. It is a regular  revenge drama.

Vikram, our hero, a small place Body builder, Mr Andhra, handsome hunk suddenly gets in to limelight and an established Model is out of job (doing local commercials and TVC ads). Now the top model along with an industrialist (Soft Drink giant who looks like Vijay Malya), A gay Beautician (who is love with our hero and he says no), and a doctor (who loves hero’s love interest since her childhood) get together and inject a ‘I’ virus in Vikram’s body which makes his muscles shrink and he loses all his beauty.

In due course he comes to know of this and he takes revange with all by making them lose their beauty.

At a time duration of 3 hrs, movie is tad long and the first half with too many songs drags to eternity. Cinematography is top class and we see some great shots of China, but that too becomes heavy when theres nothing but songs and more songs. Sadly A R Rahman has lost his magic somewhere.

Second half is predictable and the revenge methods are nothing new. you can easily guess what Vikram is about to do in next scene. And you just wait for movie to finish.

Vikram has shown an awesome transition from a Six pack muscular man to infected hunchbak ugly person. Amy Jackson looks good, but she proves again that she cant act!

The movie was released in Tamil, Tellugu and Hindi at the same time. The reason they already dubbed it as “I” in Hindi may be the fear of Star Gold/Set Max showing it as dubbed version by the name ” Badsurat ka Badla”

Sadly its a “lull” movie by Shankar. and I guess that may be the syndrome which we all suffer from. When we deliver something good, nice, and we try to repeat the same, we dont give our 100%.

Recently there has been a series of mishaps due to the same syndrome.

1. Rajnikant’s Lingam: Rajnikants jokes, yes we love them, Movies, yes we loved them.. but then repeated formulas… sorry sir.. as you promised, you have to return the monies of the distributers and cinema hall owners!!!

2. Singham 2: “Ata mazhi satakli” How many time can you use same formula to lure us??

3. Dabangg 2: Salman hoga apne ghar me!!

4. Jai Ho: Formula used was south Indian movie remake + Salman + Good deeds = Hit, but Dear Sohail Khan, copying a movie without using brains is not a good deed!! #JaiHo

5. Tevar: Dear Boney Kapoor, all the movies you make are remakes, you have minted money, even remarried to a South Indian Actor. But how can you choose a 11 years old telugu movie to be remade with your son?? You can have spoiled his career sir!!!

6. and “I”: Shankar with Robot had done something which none of had thought could be possible in India. And then over confidence in Self made him make “I”

P.S. All the points mentioned above are solely my views and it has nothing to do with what you believe or have faith in. Now that you have read it all, you can either ignore it or write in a form of a comment which I may or may not reply!

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