An open letter to Farah Khan

Dear Farah Khan,

Recently, I received a video of your Interview (with Cyrus Sahukar) where you are using all the abuses which we dont expect to listen from a celebrity. Anyways, We are least interested in your personal talks or behind the scenes.

But when you “make” (I am not using the word Create as it unnecessarily brings words like creation, creativity etc in our mind) movies like “Happy New Year” with people like Shahrukh, Boman, Deepika, Abhishek etc with such humongous budgets, and we spend 150 -200 rupees to see the bakwaas, we will question and we will ask. Why Farah Why???

Your movie may have made crores (100, 200, 300….) but ask anyone and he/she would say its a bakwaas movie! (Even Jaya Bachchan said that!!). And pls open your eyes, the people who said HNY is one of the best movies, either worked for your movie, are Blind fans of SRK and/or your relatives, Sajid Khan, Shirish Kunder and your three cute kids!!

Still now that you have made Happy New Year, released (and made us to see) why don’t you take a new year resolution, never to make any movie again?

Happy New Year Team, I have resolutions for you too:

Shah Rukh Khan I respect you a lot and still (sigh) like crores of Indians trust your acting skills. Take a resolution to choose good scripts and above that good directors, who can direct you not get directed by you!

Boman Irani: With all due respect, enough of these Parsi roles sir, its getting too much. Not funny any more.

Deepika Padukone I know SRK n Farah started ur career, that doesn’t mean you say a yes to all the crap they plan or do! Take a resolution, not for them but for your career!

Sonu Sood: Tumhe resolution nahi dua ki jaroorat hai. May god give you some brain and if possible acting skill! And pls concentrate on South Indian movies! They give you bigger and good roles! (pls dont get angry, I cant see steam puffing out of your ears!)

Vivaan shah: Your new year resolution, please spend more time with your dad. He alone is far far far superior than the bunch of idiots like Farah khan, shirish kinder, sajid khan together!

Abhishek Bachchan: Guru!! You have been used in the movie as a look alike of a character. (Just as in real life). Why don’t you stick to selling pressure cookers? If you got bored with Prestige, you can opt for Hawkins, United  or even Pigeon pressure cooker!

I am not commenting anything on direction, music, cinematography etc… not becos I cant, but becos if actors n directors cant deliver, other things go unnoticed.

And finally a New Year Prayer for Bollywood:

O Lord, make me watch good Bollywood Movies:
where there is Actor, give them skill to act
where there is actress, tell them they can act too,
where there is Director, Let them direct, not get directed;
where there is Music directors, Give them creativity to produce original tunes;
where there is Producer, give them wisdom to invest in stories and creativity;
where there are movie buffs, let them enjoy good movies

O Good Master, grant me the wishes

We see good movies, which have good stories
supported by good acting, Excelling in music,
cinematography and other departments.

Let us watch movies because they are good,
not because their marketing campaign was good.

make us watch movies again and again.
let us get the value of every rupee we spend,

Awake us to such a movie every Friday. Amen.

In Hush Hush tone:
Please spare Bollywood from creative demons like Sajid, Shirish Kunder & Farah Khan. We dont want a Houseful of Jokers this Happy New Year!

Thank you (if you dont make such movies),