10 things to know about Brazuca

Have you heard these words… Jabulani, Jo’bulani, Fevernova, Unico, Tango, Telstar… These are the names of the Official Football of FIFA Worldcup. Last world cup (SA, 2010) was played with Jabulani.

The Official football of FIFA World Cup 2014 (in Brazil) is “Brazuca”. Here are few things which you don’t know about Brazuca. once you read this, You may still call the playing teams as red, blue, striped teams etc.. but you will sure know a lot about the FootBall they will be playing with!!

1. The Name: Brazuca is the pride of Brazil. The name was chosen by over one million Brazilian fans! In addition with Brazuca name there were 2 more names in this race named Carnavalesca & Bossa.

2. Colors of Brazil: See the colorful pattern? Its inspired by the “Bahia Wish bands“, Colorful bracelets which make wish(es) come true, according to an old tradition from Salvador Da Bahia, Brazil

3. Test, Test, Test: Brazuca is the most tested ball in history. Adidas spent two and a half years testing brazuca, using 600 players, 30 professional and national teams in 10 countries.

4. Testing Process: The ball goes through loads of different tests, from being kicked by a robotic leg over and over again, to being jammed inside a washing machine like device covered in sand paper. It is also drop tested – to check its bounce and submerged in water – to check its absorbency. here’s a video of the testing process:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTtIStbjAlg
All this for a simple spherical object that’s kicked around by 22 football players.

5. Nothing but best: In order to keep up with the best players around the world, its tested under the hardest conditions. In rain, Snow and Heat – to be the best ball ever for the best players in the world. here are some quotes about Brazuca:

Lionel Messi:My first impression of the ball is that it’s really good. The design is different, with lots of colours. I’ve had the opportunity to test Brazuca and it’s great.” He’s also brand Ambassador of Adidas for promoting the ball.

Dani Alves (Brazil): “My first impression of the Brazuca is of a ball that’s fantastic and that we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.

Fernando Torres (Spain): “It looks like all the balls are the same but there are always a few differences. It’s really useful to be able to train with it before the start of the World Cup.

Iker Casillas (Spain captain): “Brazuca has a stunning design that feels inspired by Brazil. Now the ball has been launched the tournament feels a lot closer. I’m looking forward to playing in Brazil with a great ball. Hopefully with brazuca we can get the same result as in 2010.

6. Design: Brazuca’s design technology is mainly through its clever new panel layout for the ball’s construction. There are only six polyurethane panels, far less than earlier designs. Six of the same panel used for a ball. Each of these panels is attached by thermal bonding. Adidas claims this improves accuracy, which is obviously very important for those kicking this thing in World Cup.

7. Perfect 360: Brazuca claims to be the only ball to be perfectly 360 degrees. This shape revolutionizes the game by producing faster flight speed and helps to achieve accuracy at long range shots. The textured design also makes is grippy, to play nice with Goalkeepers. Its stated to be more aerodynamic than the Jabulani ball.

8. Launch and Marketing: Brazuca was Unvieled on 3rd Dec 2013. As a part of Marketing plan every child born in Brazil on 3rd Dec 2013 can receive a free Brazuca! Adidas says -“the giveaway is based on the notion that every Brazilian is born with a soccer ball by its feet.” Note: Brazilian Ministry of health report says there are approx 8200 children born in Brazil per day!!

9. Brazuca is Social! Brazuca has its own twitter handle (@iambrazuca) where the ball tweets its images from different parts of world!!

10. You want one? The match ball is priced at 160$ and the miniball & replica versions starting at 13$