Tasteless Koffee with Karan!

Never a big of Karan Johar or his movies or his stupid chat shows! Yesterday while flipping the channels happened to watch the latest seasons, first episode with Salman Khan! Now when Salman is there its obvious there will be questions about his deeds (Black Buck, Drink and drive, Shahrukh fights etc) and obviously Katrina Kaif!

So I watched the whole episode which was nothing more than a C grade bollywood film with Best Actors!!! Questions were Stupid, Jokes were lame, Salman was acting (Which is ironical cos he cant act in Movies!)

Salman Khan

I have following points and I would like to have an answer from Karan Johar or Salman khan or atleast any of the Sensibe fan of one of these!!

1. Gay related questions & jokes:
Karan asks: “Who would you opt for, If you had to have a gay encounter at gunpoint”. Really? is that a question? Mr. Karan Johar, If we may ask you which girl would you opt for if you were straight?? Yes Sir, We agree gay rights, Gay activists all are fine, justified, even I support that! If you respect the fact, then why hypothetical questions about that???
BTW Salman’s answer was: Aisi koi gun bani hi nahi hai!!

2. Sex, Virginity, Cum related jokes:
Ok he’s the Producer/Director who makes Family oriented Movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, with all those family values etc and then jokes about Virginity, Cum, Imagining Virgin Salman Sleeping alone!! WTF!

3. Salman is Still virgin!!
Ok Enough! He said what he wanted too. And then Karan johar repeats it atleast 5 times on the show! If Salman is Virgin, Justin Beiber is male!!!

4. What would they do if they are not FilmStars: Salman said Kareena and Priyanka Chopra will be great house wives!! Oh, i didnt know being a housewife is a occupation!!!

5. ┬áMr. Salim Khan was in the interview and all Karan asked was about his reactions on Salman’s deeds and his upbringing!!! Get a life Karan! Mr. Salim Khan is writer of Sholay, greatest movie ever! You could have got some really good tips to make better Story based movies!!