Most crushing moment of my life

(A friend forwarded it to me. Dont know the source. if anyone knows the source, please let me know, will link to that.)

One fine afternoon, 2003, Bihar, India

I was in the 6th class.I was sitting behind my Crush (I never told her anything about it). It was maths class. Jhimmy ma’am was writing something on the blackboard. Everyone in class was copying it.
She was wearing a Green Sari.
  “Everyone done with copying? Shall I rub the board?”
  “Yessss maaaam”
  “Yessss maaaam”
Although I hadn’t finished writing till then I didn’t have the guts to say it. I wasn’t very sharp in studies. There were literally millions of things going inside my mind simultaneously making me slow like hell and I was her favourite student to torture.

Staring into my eyes she said, “If anyone hasn’t copied yet, stand up

I froze in my seat. I was praying that she doesn’t check my notebook. But God had something else for me that day.
“Hey you, the boy on the last bench” – she never bothered to know my name – “Show me your notebook.”
I didn’t utter a word. I was almost crying. My eyes were pleading her to stop.
The guy sitting next to me handed her my notebook. And she threw it out of the window.
And seeking the attention of the little children around she announced

Here see the worst boy of our class, completely stupid. I am tired of him.”

She came and slapped me, ” This one for lying to me.” And I couldn’t see any further because of the tears in my eyes… everything was blurry….

Everyone was staring at me. Although I was a kid I could feel the shame on my face. Then there came the most crushing moment of my life.

She (my crush, who was a topper of the class) spoke for the first time about me to her friend,

   “We won’t sit here from tomorrow ma’am, please change our seat

I couldn’t understand that. I felt like, I was slapped again, but only a million times harder.
I don’t remember what happened next. Everything changed that day.
I scored 90% in my 10th board, securing 5th position. She was 15th!
I scored 93% in 12th, She scored 62%
I got Into IIT, She went to some college in NCR
She Proposed me and I rejected her !
And then she asked me why.
I repliedBecause we still can’t sit together