Jai Ho! and Ho Jaye – Times of India day.in advertisement

Today TOI carried this advertisement of day.in. It instantly caught my attention. And then My Best AC bus was also wrapped in the same illustration. People on the road were actually turning around and looking at it.

The tagline : Jai Ho!! and Ho Jaye fits aptly for the India and Indians.

Here’s the image(click on the image for full screen view):

Did it encourage you to visit the site day.in?

  • sameer

    yes it did, even though its very funny.. and very every day pic, its still shamefull for us “indians”…


    Sud Reply:

    @sameer, hanks for the comment sameer. . but koi bhi desh apne aap behtar nahi hota, usse behtar banana padta hai.


  • marthanda varma

    I think now-a-days I am a fool to understand the wit in your humour.  Will you rephrase it?
    When I feel India, I do not show my dirty hands or fingers or toes to others criticizing my ability. But you should practise to say “See my mustache is clean black”.. or else. Don’t you appreciate the waste baskets kept in the the nooks of the main roads of the city (as an advertisement to ‘use me’ and people from other towns come in and fills it.). It is the Indian Lesson that whenever you say anything negative or about evil, you are encouraging it. If you keep a waste basket, it would make the waste prominent and famous, in the same way you keep a photo of God and a light with it. Talk about the good things, be silent about the evils because it is our inability – India as a family. (Every family had the most serious disputes and the enemy of the family in inside the home).