Nexus One vs Galaxy S

I have always been wanted to try my hands on Android phone. and when one of my friends planned to buy an high end phone, I was the one who persuaded him to go for Android based Phone. Around 5-6 months ago, Nexus one was the most talked about Android based phone.

From here the story has 2 parts:

Part 1: Although Google’s Phone was a big pull, but still being android based was a bigger reason for me to persuade him. And the hunt began. Contact lists were scanned for any NRI friends! Relatives in US were pinged. And finally anyhow my friend got the phone (US-China-India). And I was obliged to accompany him to receive ‘The Nexus One’ from the Airport! And when it started,   I was mesmerized by the Shining Screen. The google Id was entered and it took all the contacts from there, with images and profiles etc. .  it was magical.  And then we met very rarely. (he was busy with nexus one and I was busy with some work and jealousy!)

Part 2: One lazy after noon in office,  my other friend shouts my name ‘SUD!!!’ and shows me an invitation to Samsung’s Blogger meet to launch their new android based phone – Galaxy S and Wave with Samsung’s Bada OS. We eagerly went to the Blogger meet (Taj lands End), we were late by 45 minutes (as usual!). and then they started the show!!

First they (Product manager, Developer, Social media Agency etc.) explained about BADA OS – seemed great. Got to try both the phones- Wave and Galaxy S. Galaxy S’ 4 Inch Super Amoled Screen (first time in the world, I guess) was jaw dropping. The super responsive screen is an extreme delight to work with. and some cool features like, Social Hub, Swype (new method to enter text by just swiping your finger), 1 Ghz processor, Android OS all contribute to the best android phone ever!

Recently Google announced that Nexus one is the first and last from them. Well rightely said, Their main aim was to promote android with nexus one and they had accomplised that. Now the legacy has to be taken forward by the Mobile giants. And the latest entrant bring Samsung Galaxy S.

Now coming to the comparison, I got enough time to use both the phones.  Some of the features 4″ Super AMOLED screen, Superb bright and resolution screen, what I liked about the Samasung Galaxy S is the Social Hub, Which ?seamlessly integrates the SNS, IM, Contacts etc. One common minus point in both the phones is to call a contact, you need to do too many touch and takes some good 10-15 seconds! Some more points to note are:

  • Both the phones boast of 1Ghz Processor (Galaxy S – Hummingbird and Nexus – Snapdragon)
  • Galaxy S is much thinner and broader than Nexus One, which is problem to hold
  • Galaxy S has got a flash, Nexus One hasnt got any.
  • Samsung Support ‘Swype‘ – sliding text input method – 15% faster than Nexus One
  • Galaxy S got a front camera (which also can record HD video), while Nexus One doesn’t have
  • And last but Definitely not the least – the price difference is just 4-5 k, and Hold your breath, Nexus One is still not available in India.

And besides all these points, if you still are a Google Fanatic (HTC also!), go ahead for the following comparisons ( I am sure you will change your mind):

SmartPhoneCompare copy

Comparison between Galaxy S & Nexus One

Besides these Motorola is coming up with their Driod Series, Which is certainly a threat to Samsung!

Do you have some more points? Do share.

  • Hey Sud.

    Couple of things :

    1. The N1 has a 10 hour talk time (on 1400 mAh) vs. 6 Hours on NS (1500 mAh)

    2. The NS doesnt have an expandable memory slot (16GB internal memory only)

    3. N1 will always remain ‘The Developer’ handset, which means all of the development will do done on the N1

    4. The Samsung phones are a little too plasticy as compared to the HTC build quality


  • Well said Sahil.. I have been waiting for somebody to speak up on this part too.. However, I have been sharing the same, but no one even bothered to agree.. Nexus One is Nexus One.. No one can even compete with it. Samsung can never come up with such classy stuff as HTC did.. That means My phone is still exclusive.. Hurray!!!!! 🙂


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