Horse Power – McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010

Horse racing had always been fascinating for me, be it the horses of mythological films or Big Daddy’s betting on Horse Racing. I am in Mumbai since last 3 years, but never got a chance to witness an live event. When ever I visited famous Studios (My earlier days in Mumbai where i witnessed – Editing & Screening of some commercials and movies) I wanted to have a look at the Derby.

So, here I was spending 3 years in mumbai, not been once to Mahalakshmi Race Course & Horses and to my surprise got an invite for ‘The McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010’. And would I loose this chance??? 😉

I had a quick search, and got this:

The McDowell Signature Indian Derby is THE racing event in the country. And when Names such an Vijay Mallaya gets associated, it makes it unavoidable. If speed thrills you, you should attend it, If you are a horse lover, you should attend it, and if you like fashion (& Women ;-)), you Must attend it. And the following statment is not mine, but my friend’s –

Dude!! McDowell Signature Indian Derby is the event of Excitement, Style, Fashion & Women!!! And imagine when you can watch the most sexy ladies and the most powerful Horses on the same day!!!

It was a lazy morning but the thought of Derby made me active and in 2 hours I was at the Mahalakshmi. Invited by People selling the Race books & I bought one (will surely understand it , One day!). We came across a stall serving a special cocktail – Saddle Up (quite nice name & taste too!!). We moved ahead & I was facing a really big screen showing the Horses,  all numbered & some fantastic names such as – Moon Flower, Deep Purple, Jacqueline & Hunter Bay. Unlike my thoughts, the stand was full of people, digging their eyes on Race books, some older people discussing about the horses, kids & ladies(some) munching & talking.

I witnessed 2 races & I agree there is nothing as beautiful & full of energy as a running Horse!! Imagine 8 to 18 horses running together, people cheering the jockey and Jockey trying his hard to get the first position, Music, Live commentary, A screen showing the race live, people betting on the horses, nail biting tension, and then the Winner!!!! Its an experience which has to be felt live, you cant feel it in Images & Videos!

And all these ending with one winner and people cheering to the winning Horse & Jockey. The whole experience is as Elegant, Royal, Class Apart & Stylish as the name suggests: The McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010

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