Happy Birthday Amma!!!

Aug 12th was my Mom’s B’day.  It was first time I was away from her in her B’day.  🙁

HAPPY B”DAY MOM!!  (I am still searching Google for the best words to describe you)

MY Mom, The best!!!


Incidentally Amitabh Bachchan’s Mom Mrs. Teji Bachchan’s B’day is also on 12th Aug. He posted this in his blog, n I totally agree!!


She gave me strength when I had lost and fallen. Gave me hope and courage when I was covered in the dust of adversity. Every whack that she bestowed upon my face or hands were not one of anger and resentment, it was an expression of her overwhelming love and concern for me. She gave me style and dignity. She taught me grace and forgiveness. She educated me on the value of my surname. She directed her anger at me when I erred, not because had erred, but because ‘how could you have erred’. It was almost an anger that took personal responsibility of a mistake done by the other. We all know that the welcome embrace of a friend, a beloved, a senior, an elder is always filled with that special feeling, a sensation we enjoy and relish and feel comfortable with, but we also know that when we put our head by the side of the Mother, or resign our body into the gentleness of her lap, nothing in the world compared or equalled that feeling.

Blessed are they that have felt the presence of a Mother in their lives. Blessed are they that have lent on her for support and succor. Blessed are they that grew fearlessly under the love and affection of the Mother. Blessed are they that had opportunity to get their tears wiped off, by an honest loving companion of confidence in their lives. Blessed are they that were fed by the most gracious hands on food that never tasted better. Blessed are they who had the good fortune of a Mother’s hand on their forehead and the consoling touch of her fingers through their hair. Blessed are they who knew their Mothers knew what no body else would ever know about them, without speaking a word. Blessed are they that could turn to their Mother for decision and opinion on the most complex issues, knowing that the simplicity of her response would be most pragmatic and correct. Blessed are they that could confide to their Mother  and know that it would never go out. Blessed are they that knew that when every door was shut in their face, there was one door that would always remain open for them. Blessed are they that had a Mother ~


  • meenu

    Love u atta…..I consider myself the most luckiest daughter in this world cuz i have 2 MOTHERS…..though u my atta(my MAMIJI) but u are noless then a MUM…..n i wil always love u like i love my mum….U are the best humanbeing in this world….n whenever i c u n my amma….i completely believe in this words…..once said by someone that ” Since GOD can not be present everywhere…He created “MOTHER”……………….
    Proud to b ur daughter
    wid oceans of love