Jana Gana Rann

Ram Gopal Verma’s new Flick Rann (?? ) has a song based on National anthem. An altered version.

Altering the National Anthem is not new. Earlier A R Rahman also, altered with the tune and despite some little controversies, people liked it. Now, the multiplexes in mumbai play the Rahman version of National Anthem before every show.

But this time the story is different. This time the lyrics has been altered. Again a new way to be in the news!!

Now, today Mumbai Mirror had an article on it.  Censor Board has not approved it, saying:

… the lyrics of the national anthem cannot be played around with. In the film’s case, the lyrics of the national anthem have been mixed with other words.

Vinayak Azad, regional officer (CBFC) 

I quickly had a look on the video and this is what I found:

and here are the lyrics:

Jana Gana Rann - umennet

But, I dont feel any thing wrong. This alteration has not been done for some entertainment or cheap publicity. This time the song has a message,  a request.  According to Sheetal Talwaar, Co-Producer of Rann:

We believe the song reflects the current state of the country. Also, according to our constitution, one has the right to freedom of expression and speech. We are not violating any law or dishonoring the national anthem at all. There is no violation of copyright either.

And Ram Gopal Verma Says:

I have not tinkered with the anthem or treated it in a disrespectful manner. The song has been used to express the angst of some characters of the film against the current situation in the country. It does not say anything that is not true. I think by the words and the visuals, everyone can see the dignity with which it has been treated.

Now, this song violates the freedom of right or not, but it definitly strikes the chord.

As described in the Press release, The movie is about the media. how the media is used to earn money, used to play polictics, used for business.  Some of the quotes from Movie:

To control people’s mind is to control MONEY

Aaj mandir me baithe bhagwaan se bhi log ‘ENTERTAINMENT‘ chahte hain

Rajneeti ki teen patti me trumpcard hai MEDIA

FILM walon aur hum me fark sirf itna hai ki hum humari filmon ko NEWS kehte hain
(This is the best one!!)

Aaj BURI khabar, bhali hai

Aaj IDEAS kam hain aur COMPETITION jyaada

And with the news channels such as India TV, Aaj Tak etc showing all crap, I hope this movie will definitely pass the message of using the media effectively and responsibly. Atleast the video does so.

Whats your opinion on the alteration of National Anthem & Video?


  • Interesting topic..I dont think the alteration is wrong…

    Censors are a joke these days. We ar talking about those people deciding the fate of a chord-striking song who allowed an old legend to go almost bare in one of his movies..(I rather not take the name)

    Anyways, Does our opinion regarding the decision of censorboard even matter???


    Sudhindra Rao Reply:

    Yes, Our opinions matter. We have got a lot of new ways to see/view/hear something which is banned. and if its good, liked by everyone, it cant be stopped. Strangely this is the same media which the film is talking about.


  • I honestly speaking like this alteration,It makes alot of sense & what ever is being said is a message in the song which is true & evry1 needs to face it.THIS IS INDIA TODAY(SADLY but on the same hand TRULY!)
    Not like the official Anthem is gna get changed.so i dont think any1 should make a big issue & for once Ram Gopal Varma has done something good..Guys lets support him on this one.!


  • @fms1988
    I agree with fms…


  • Tanvi :@fms1988 I agree with fms…

    Thanks Tanvi 😀 i hope i see a few more of ou around 😛


  • Padmaja Sahani Sarkar

    My below comments are specifically for one part of this anthem which addresses the issue of all the states of India being divided. This conversion of the National Anthem is so apt. Its so so true ..that we are divided …all the states are divided. Living in cosmopilitan Mumbai you don’t realise how divided our country is until one lives overseas. I am a Mumbaiite living in Sydney . I met people from all over India here and it is shocking to know that many Indians are not exposed to other cultures of India. The Delhiites behave & believe as if only the northern belt is the whole of India. They look down upon anyone and everyone from any other part of India ,this inspite of the fact that Delhi is cosmopolitan… then where does this attitude come from & why ?? The Casteists from South.. & Northys from North have NO CLUE … I wish the whole of India could be like Mumbai…..
    who cares about the censor board and who cares about protestors…I care about this version of the NA.


  • I see nothing wron gin tweaking the lyrics as long as the intent is right… Really liked the song and am looking forward for the release of the film…


  • I see nothing wron gin tweaking the lyrics as long as the intent is right… Really liked the song and am looking forward for the release of the film…


  • I see nothing wron gin tweaking the lyrics as long as the intent is right… Really liked the song and am looking forward for the release of the film…