Ghajini Review

ghajiniGhajini, Aamir’s new release, was the most awaited movie of the year. All the hype created was like, it will be an out of the way movie like Lagaan or Taare Zameen Par, but its a regular commercial movie. With a simple story of love and revange. Nothing new in the story line. But the show stealer is performance, direction and not to forget the action.

Majorly inspired from by Christopher Nolan’s Memento, Plot revolves around Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan), a Big Shot industrialist, sufferring from short-term memory loss, Searching for a person who is responsible for death of his girlfreind, Kalpana(Asin). Due to his Memory loss, he cant remember anything beyond 15 mnts, to remember he tattoos the imp details on his body. Film is divided in beutiful romance and gruesome action. A remake of the Tamil blockbuster, Ghajini seems to be exaggerated in drama and action.

Aamir is once again with his brilliant performance. Be it the rich man’s Business style, or the lovers charm, or the Action, or his growling like a tiger/Chasing dog in the action scenes or the mannerisms like using left hand, you cant take your eyes off him. And when the audience , even in a multiplex, claps and whistles, it shows what Aamir is all about.

asin-822385759_std1Asin is a fresh, charming leading lady for the film. She portrays a small time model, who is very helpful and is is the love interest of Aamir Khan. She seems to be here to fill the void of Sridevi. She has the innocent smile, and the active sweet talking mannerisms of Sridevi. Other Actors, pradeep Rawat, Tinu Ananad, etc are also good. Jiah Khan is Ok.

Music of the film is not superhit, but is being liked by some. 3 Songs make the impact, Guzarish, Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye & Behka Behka. Picturisation is great!!!

Now comes the action Part. Hindi audience will see the south style action, but interestingly, Aamir makes the impact in the action. and actions scenes not look artificial as in the Rajnikanth or Cheeranjivi’s flicks. Some scenes like hitting with an iron rod seems gruesome and would not be liked by female audiences to an extent.

Overall Ghajini is an ordinary movie with extraordinary performances and Direction. Its like the old ’80’s films with all the masala, and tadka of Aamir. And believe me you wont forget the taste for long.

I Would Rate it 3  out of  5

My Suggession? Go for IT!!!

Some specials:

1.  Asin tells everyone that Sanjay Singhania is in love with her. Even an article is published. Doesnt the article publish the pic of a business tycoon? And cant Asin google the name Sanjay Singhania, just to know how he looks like??  Logic ends here and Magic begins…. HINDI MOVIE MAGIC!!!!!

2.  Ghajini is the name of the Villain!! I suppose this is for the first time a Hindi film is named after a villain!!

3.  It seems the Khans are taking the Khan war a bit too seriously. In a scene Sunil Grover has been roped in, pretending to be Sanjay Singhania & Aamir laughs loudly at him. And a remark says: “Ja tu ads kar. Acting tujhse nahi hogi!!!”

4.  Aamir’s Statue with his tatoos is placed in the cinema Halls, and people are flocking to get picturised!!

5.  Fame cinemas, Mumbai is offerring a free Ghajini Haircut with every 2 or more tickets purchase!!

6.  Dont throw away your Ghajini Tickets. Yes, you can redeem the whole amount spent while shopping Van Heusan!!!

7. And hold your breath!! A Ghajini 3D Game is also to be released!!!

7. And last but not least, do visit Ghajini Official Website.  And interesting website, using the videos of the film, and yet keeping it fast. Loads of downloads. And a surprise element: If you dont do anything for 15 Minutes. the screen goes white!!! You need to start all over again. SMART!!!

Have you seen the movie?? Have some more comments to add??? Would love to read it.


  • Ankeet

    Good… I like the spls .. good work mate


  • hey kool review man, yeah i would give 4 out of 5 for the Aamir’s acting , Behka Behka song & action director they did a good job


  • Asin is very beautiful


  • Aamir has proved agian that he is a real perpectionist ! His involvement on his movie makes an ordinery movie in to special. Very crispy review.


  • ajai singh

    fantastic thriller movie after a lot of comedy movie in2008. amir and asin done great performance and its a one of the most successful of amir and the turning point of reputation of acting means it makes a special impression on people


  • asin u are so cute .i have read so many comments about u all had written ap aise ho ap waise many had written that they love u because ur hot and sexy .but according to me love not depends on how sexy u r ,the person who does true love is always ready to sacrifice his or her life for his or her life partner. those who had written that u r sexy and they want to marry with u ,then they want only sex.i like because u r good looking ,u r selfishless i like u most because of ur habbit of helping to i read the news that u saves one u . in real life also u r like a kalpana. when i had seen that scene , when ghajini killes u ,tears were came from my eyes.i wani to marry with u but i cannot do this because u are 6 years elder than me and i always give respect to my elders .so best of luck for ur carrer and reply me if u get a time on .so thanks


  • U R CUTE



    HIIII. Asin u r very beautiful.
    u r my favourite actress.


  • Asim ali

    Hi. Asin its a wonderfull apportunity for me , to see you in hindi films. We know ur new in this industries and amir khan is the best director, actor. And ur the one who get a chance to work with him. So go ahead, our support with u. But remember… Jab badi taqat milti hai to, zimedarian bhi bad jati hai


  • Hi. Ur charming and ur a fresh .Asin its a wonderfull apportunity for me , to see you in hindi films. We know ur new in this industries and amir khan is the best director, actor. And ur the one who get a chance to work with him. So go ahead, our support with u. But remember… Jab badi taqat milti hai to, zimedarian bhi bad jati hai


  • asin uare cut & sweet ilove you piease join me beacause iam your real freind.


  • anand

    hi asin i fell in love with u in t film vel…


  • Shital

    Asin is BEST Actress. She is my favourite.




  • stuti lall



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  • i love you so much


  • vivek shelar

    i love you asin

    you r so cute……….& Beautiful


  • vivek shelar

    you are so cute,sweet,& hot.

    i love you very much………..