$70 Bn net worth of line

This was first time in many ways…

1. US president being chief guest of Republic Day parade

2. The never before 15000 cctv’s in Delhi

3. The design of Narendra Modi’s coat with his name

4. and the best part was the billionaires and who’s who of India waiting in line to meet Mr. President!!

It may be not intentional (or intentional) but in one long shot, the camera captured a queue with a net worth upwards of $70 billion. There they waited patiently, the who’s who of India Inc to meet US President Barack Obama, described as the most powerful man in the world.

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Bharti Enterprises chief Sunil Mittal, Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani, Adani Group head Gautam Adani, Mahindra & Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra and Sudhir Mehta of Torrent Pharma were among the CEOs who were present in the summit.

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Review of Shankar’s “I”

First of all, dont confuse “Shankar’s Eye” with “Shankar’s I”!!

That was around 4:30 Pm when I took the decision of watching I on friday the 16th. My thoughts were of watching before all my friends(who will watch hindi dub) and i will spoil the story for them!!!

And boy!! I did spoiled… not story for them but my evening time, money and faith over Shankar!!!

and all this when I read letter by K Balachander to Shankar where he literally christened him as James Cameroon of India!! (Images at the end of post)  (more…)

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An open letter to Farah Khan

Dear Farah Khan,

Recently, I received a video of your Interview (with Cyrus Sahukar) where you are using all the abuses which we dont expect to listen from a celebrity. Anyways, We are least interested in your personal talks or behind the scenes.

But when you “make” (I am not using the word Create as it unnecessarily brings words like creation, creativity etc in our mind) movies like “Happy New Year” with people like Shahrukh, Boman, Deepika, Abhishek etc with such humongous budgets, and we spend 150 -200 rupees to see the bakwaas, we will question and we will ask. Why Farah Why??? (more…)

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10 things to know about Brazuca

Have you heard these words… Jabulani, Jo’bulani, Fevernova, Unico, Tango, Telstar… These are the names of the Official Football of FIFA Worldcup. Last world cup (SA, 2010) was played with Jabulani.

The Official football of FIFA World Cup 2014 (in Brazil) is “Brazuca”. Here are few things which you don’t know about Brazuca. once you read this, You may still call the playing teams as red, blue, striped teams etc.. but you will sure know a lot about the FootBall they will be playing with!!

1. The Name: Brazuca is the pride of Brazil. The name was chosen by over one million Brazilian fans! In addition with Brazuca name there were 2 more names in this race named Carnavalesca & Bossa.


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